Carl Turnley: Racing Enthusiast

Who is Carl Turnley?

Carl Turnley, a Lafayette native, is a man who takes his work seriously. After all, he’s been involved in telecom since he was a boy of twelve. For many people, work is life. But Carl has a different story. Though he stays busy in his professional circle, he makes sure to pursue his own personal hobbies and interests. These include reading (you can never stop learning!), traveling, and working out. But another interest that has captured Carl’s attention is racing.

Carl Turnley actually never had a serious racing background. But after meeting some friends in the sport, he discovered that the people surrounding IndyCar were pure gems. Perhaps it is the deeply shared history of the sport, or the sense of camaraderie that comes with either participating in or spectating professional racing events. He believes that racing is like the cycle of life – if you wait for it everyone will pass you by, however if you fight for it you will finish at the top.

What is IndyCar?

carl turnley at pit stop

For those that are used to watching events like the Daytona 500, IndyCar racing can look quite different. Unlike stock car racing, which is characterized by heavy rolling metal frames, oval tracks, and more horsepower; IndyCar involves open wheel bodies, racing on oval tracks or streets, and less horsepower but lighter speed. IndyCar racing provides a somewhat different experience, too. For starters, stock cars are equipped to bump and grind with the competition; there is naturally more physical contact between the heavy vehicles. But, because of an IndyCar’s open wheel and lighter frame, contact is strongly discouraged. The slightest touch can result in disaster for the car and driver. As a result, these races are usually more nimble. But the increased speed provides a real thrill!

If you were to ask Carl Turnley who his favorite racer is, he would probably tell you that it is three-time IndyCar Series Champion Scott Dixon. The New Zealander has had a very successful career, and he is currently the most successful active driver in the sport.