Cars that Altered History Forever

Vehicle owners often have a favorite dream car that they own or desire to own. Over the years, there have been many automobiles that were considered innovations and are now icons of the automotive industry. Various automotive industry giants created a list of cars that made history and changed the world.

Ford Mustang

The Mustang is as American as apple pie. The car was first introduced to the public in 1964 at the New York World’s Fair. During the first year on the market, more than 500,000 were sold. The Mustang surpassed the Corvette and the Shelby in popularity and represented an affordable muscle car. The sports car also proved that it could stand up to the reputation earned by the Camaro and the Charger.

Volkswagen Beetle

The Beetle was unique in exterior design and function. Ferdinand Porsche developed the concept and was joined in his efforts to create the car by Adolph Hitler. The first Beetles were introduced in 1938. The last model featuring the rear-mounted engine was manufactured in Mexico in 2003. The unique air-cooled engine was later incorporated into the Porsche 911. The Beetle was reintroduced in 2003. Before the compact car became known as the Beetle, it had a number of names that included the KdF-Wagen, Kubelwagen and Type 60.

Jeep Cherokee

The introduction of the Cherokee made an impact on the automotive industry that would last for decades. The vehicle was the first middle-sized SUV made available to the public and quickly became quite popular. Manufacturers soon followed with their versions.

Austin Mini

The Mini was manufactured in Great Britain in 1959. Although small cars were already available, the Mini was unique due to the side-mounted engine and front-wheel-drive. In this way, the interior offered more space for occupants and cargo. The Mini Cooper and the Cooper S gained notoriety and success as race and rally cars. The little vehicle won the Monte Carlo Rally in 1964, in 1965 and again in 1967.

Toyota Prius

The Prius brought the concept of the fuel-efficient hybrid into reality. The first models were manufactured in Japan in 1997 as four-door, mid-sized sedans. Today, the designed advanced to include the five-door fastback. The Prius NHW11 or Generation II was the first of its kind to be made available outside of Japan in 2000. The car was readily accepted in Asia, Australia, Europe and the United States.