Luxury vs. Standard: Which Car is Worth the Price?

When it’s time to shop for a new vehicle, there are many factors to take into consideration. If a person has enough money to spend, one consideration is whether or not to purchase a luxury vehicle, or a vehicle that is a step down from what is considered luxury.

When making this decision, car buyers have to consider why they want a luxury car. Do those reasons justify the additional expense?

Upscale Association

Some people want a luxury car because they believe that certain cars with certain brand names are associated with wealth and success. Lexus, Mercedes, and Jaguar are among the brands that people often associate with high-class professions such as doctors, lawyers, and CEO’s.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a car for this reason. Something to keep in mind is that there are very nice luxury cars such as Lincoln models that may not have the same upscale associations as a Jaguar or Lexus, but are still very nice cars with a lower price tag.

A Nicer Ride

Another thing to keep in mind when deciding between a luxury or standard car is the ride. Some people want a luxury car because they believe that they have a more comfortable ride with more leg room. This isn’t always the case.

Some luxury cars are designed to have a more sporty drive. This means that they concentrate on better handling which may mean that they don’t have as comfortable a ride.

There are many standard cars that have a comfortable ride with a lot of legroom. For example, the Chevrolet Impala and the Hyundai Genesis both have more front legroom than any luxury model. The Hyundai Genesis and the Cadillac CT6 have also received commendation for having a great ride. These cars cost much less than most European or Japanese luxury cars.

Better Material

Those who want a car made of the nicest materials will find that luxury cars are very nice. Most have plush, leather seats with wood inlays in the dash. While some of the nicer standard models might have leather seats, they just don’t seem as nice when you are sitting in them.

The decision between a luxury car and a standard car comes down to what a person really wants in a vehicle. If it’s a brand name, luxury might be the way to go. If it’s a comfortable ride, an upscale standard vehicle is probably just as good.