Cars Worth Buying New, Not Used


Many people opt to invest in used cars to save financially and avoid spending great deals of money for something that is just as good old as it is new. However, there are a number of cars on the market today they are not unreasonably expensive, and are well worth buying brand new. Below are just a few of many considered to be truly valuable vehicles before leaving their respective lots.

Jeep Renegade

A new Renegade is just under $3,000 more than a used model; not too much in the eyes of car enthusiasts. This SUV is a great vehicle with the incredible ability to drive smoothly both on and off major roads, making it perfect for families, adventurers, and more.

Chevy Colorado

For working individuals that need a reliable pickup truck to assist in their day-to-day activities, the Chevy Colorado is one of the most efficient. A new model costs only $4,000 more than a used. This midsize truck is incredibly fuel-efficient, has off-road suspension, and a great amount of storage space throughout.

Honda Pilot

Many car buyers tend to shy away from minivans unless they are looking to transport a family of 5 or more, but the 2018 Honda Pilot is a fresh take on the once-avoided vehicle. It is a large crossover model with plenty of room inside, and is just under $5,000 more new compared to a used vehicle.

Nissan Frontier

Another impressive pickup truck to make the list, the Frontier is just $3,000 more when buying it brand new as opposed to used. While the 2018 model has been met with a bit of criticism, a newer one is expected to hit the market soon, making older Frontiers valuable in the eyes of auto dealers.

Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

Another Jeep on our list, the Wrangler is known by many as one of the most reliable off-roading vehicles in the world, and is used in hundreds of different ways. The Wrangler Unlimited is an even bigger step up. The 2018 model is also the lowest percentage of value lost in its first year. It’s incredibly durable, and is just over $3,000 more new than used.

Subaru WRX

Subaru’s are well known for their safety, comfort, and performance. The WRX is no exception. A new model is just over $4,000 more than its used version, and it has always been in high demand. It’s a perfect mix of a safe, comfortable sedan with a sports car capable of handling tight turns in any condition.